CPAC Online Catalogue Search

Put your resources online with CPAC!

CPAC allows data from Bookmark and other library systems to be put onto the Internet. A simple webpage provides search-only access to the catalogue data.

After a CPAC database and search page has been established, your data can be exported from Bookmark or your library system (in USMARC format) and then uploaded the CPAC server. Once uploaded, the searchable online catalogue is available from anywhere at any time.

  • Operates outside the school network firewall so resources can be searched from any location
  • Simple user interface, easy to use
  • Flexible presentation design
  • Secure, users are not able to directly access your data
  • Works with Bookmark and library systems that can generate USMARC data files
  • Groups of schools can 'pool' resources so they can be located by a single search
  • Book cover graphics can be displayed alongside items
  • Replaces the previous 'Websearch' online union catalogue


Documentation is available at the link below.

CPAC Manual

CPAC Application Form and Checklist