Bookmark Technical Questions

Bookmark is not only easy for library staff and students to use it is also simple and straight-forward to set up.

Which versions of Windows can be used?
Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2008 or later. Bookmark is a 32-bit system so will work on either 32 or 64-bit versions of Windows. Bookmark will also work on laptops and Windows tablets. The minimum vertical screen resolution is 768 pixels so Bookmark will work on many laptops and average monitors as well. A higher vertical resolution is perferred.

How much memory (RAM) is required?
2Gb is the absolute minimum, but 4, 8 or more is always of benefit.

How much hard disk drive space is required?
A minimum of 5Gb is needed.

Can Bookmark work on Macintosh?
Bookmark can be used on Macintosh via a Windows emulator such as VMWare Fusion.

Can Bookmark work on iPads and/or Android devices?
Bookmark's Webopac and CPAC search modules are browser-based and therefore can work on any unit capable of Internet connectivity with a browser. This includes iPads and Android phones and tablets.

Can Bookmark be virtualized? Can Bookmark reside on the school's curriculum server?
It can, but experience has shown that hosting Bookmark on busy servers and especially within a virtual machine may cause reduction in performance. Hosting Bookmark on the librarian's workstation or using a special server (which can also act as a workstation) is recommended for best performance and reliability. Bookmark has its own reliable backup system which library staff are encouraged to use. Server-based backups are not required.

What database engine needs to be set up?
Bookmark uses the SQLite database which is completely embedded within the software. Setting up a complex database system is not required.

How is Bookmark installed?
Installation consists of running a single setup program. Everything is installed to the Bookmark folder on the designated destination drive.

How is Bookmark networked?
Once installed on the host, the Bookmark folder is shared. Workstations access Bookmark through desktop icons. A mapped drive letter is useful but a UNC address can be used as well. No software is installed on any computer other than the host. The Webopac and CPAC search modules are connected via a URL.

Is Bookmark cloud based?
Bookmark is locally based, but the CPAC search module is cloud-based. It allows searching the catalogue using any device anywhere, even outside the school.

What webserver does the Webopac search module require?
Bookmark can use its own custom webserver or it can use IIS or even Apache. Bookmark's webserver can co-exist on the same host as another webserver byuse of a different port, which can be assigned. The webserver is designed to work in the background and can be minimized or set into the system tray. The webserver is set up by simply creating an icon and launching it then leaving it running on the host. It can be put into the Startup folder. It is not a service. Windows own IIS can be used, which is a service.

Does the web service and database need to be on the same server?
This is preferred for performance reasons but the webserver could be run on a workstation which links back to the Bookmark host via a mapped drive letter.

What type of backup system is required?
Bookmark contains its own built-in backup system. It is very easy to use. Library staff should perform their own backups. Also, backups are automatically made at the beginning of each day in addition to regular backups. The database and associated files are zipped into either a LZH or ZIP format file then copied to the destination. The destination can be a USB flash drive, a re-writeable CD or DVD, an external drive, another computer, literally any device which uses a drive letter. Backups normally take less than one minute to perform. They can be made an automatic task using the Windows Scheduler.

Does Bookmark require Internet access?
In theory no, but live Internet access is strongly recommended. Bookmark's easy to use updating system can download and automatically update the system if it has direct access to our two websites. To do this, the network proxy settings should allow access to The Premier's Reading Challenge lists for South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales are only provided by online access. In the near future (2019) Internet access will become essential.

We use another library system but would like to change to Bookmark. Can the data be transferred?
Hundreds of data migrations from other systems to Bookmark have been made. These systems include eLibrary, vLibrary, Oliver 3, Oliver 5, Alice, Informatif, Amlib, Destiny, Horizon, Bibliotech and many others. All cataloguing, borrower and if possible loan data and loan histories are converted.