Search Help

How to Enter a Search:
 Step 1 -- Type the word or words you wish to search for.
 Step 2 -- Choose which area in which to search.
 Step 3 -- Click on Search to start the search.

Keyword finds all items that have the word or words entered anywhere in their record. Checks all the search areas at the same time including notes and ISBN but not call numbers.

Use the words And, Or or Not between terms to alter the search.
Example: Energy And Solar Not Nuclear

Title, Subject, Author, Series and Contents searches act the same as keyword but restrict the search to a specific area. Only one area can be searched at a time.

Truncated word searching: Type the beginning of a word followed by an asterisk in order to perform a "word begins with" search. Example: SPA* finds all the entries that have words beginning with the letters SPA such as Space and Spain.