Bookmark Support

Support for Bookmark is available via:

  • DECD Bookmark Help Desk
  • User group meetings
  • Email support mailing list
  • Alternate Help Desk
  • Training
  • Manuals and Fact Sheets

Bookmark Help Desk (DECD)

The Bookmark Help Desk provides assistance with all aspects of Bookmark, including limited technical phone support.
(1800261541 or 0882261541 or

The DECD Bookmark help desk can be contacted via an online form. Click on the link below for the form.
DECD Bookmark help desk online form

Note: support from the DECD Bookmark help desk is available on a user-pays basis for a low annual fee.
Click on the link below to view information about support available to Bookmark users.

Bookmark support order form

Bookmark users outside of Australia receive free support via email and fax.
All DECD users (schools, preschools, kindies, support and resource centres) receive free support.

Free Email List

Keep up-to-date with information, tips and the latest updates. Users do not have to have a support subscription to belong to the list. To join the free email list, send a request to

Bookmark User Groups (South Australia and Western Australia)

Bookmark "hub groups" meet regularly.

  • Adelaide North. Meetings are held Thursday at 1.30 week 6. Contact Jane Pogas (Angle Vale Primary School) (Jane.Pogas236@SCHOOLS.SA.EDU.AU)
    Next meeting Thursday, May 25, 1.30. Elizabeth Park Primary School.
    Other meetings October 26.

  • Adelaide South. Meetings are held Wednesday at 1.30, week 6. Contact Shelley Milne (Woodcroft Primary School) (
    Next meeting Wednesday, May 31, 1.30 at Moana Primary School

  • Adelaide East. Meetings are held Wednesday at 1.30 week 7. Contact Sarah Peck or Anne Gilligan (Magill School) (
    Next meeting Wednesday, June 14, 1.30 at Paradise Resource Centre
    Term 3 - Thursday, September 7, 1,30. TBA
    Term 4 - Wednesday, November 29, 1.30 at Charles Campbell

  • Adelaide West. Meetings are held Thursday at 4.00 week 9. Contact Karen Colliver (Kilparrin Teaching and Assessment School)

  • Perth. Meetings held Wednesday week 3. Contact Marilyn Carter (Applecross Primary School) (
    Next meeting Wednesday February 15, 3.15 at Applecross Primary School

Bookmark Support Victoria

A help desk service is also available via a private company in Victoria on a user-pays basis.
This company also provides training in Victoria.
Book Mark Library Services Pty Ltd
phone 03 9504 5454
fax 03 9504 2631
website: Book Mark Library Services


Click on the link below to view Bookmark training information.


Manuals and Fact Sheets

Manuals and fact sheets about Bookmark are included with the program. Click on the links at the bottom of the Main Menu. These are updated along with software updates.